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3 Reasons to use Pinterest in your Marketing Strategy

Are you eager to boost the online reach of your small business? Pinterest is a powerful marketing tool if you share effectively on this platform. Leveraging Pinterest can unlock access to millions of potential customers for your business. Pinterest has a few key features that set it apart from other social media platforms.

1. Visual Appeal

This social media channel is a visual discovery and bookmarking platform where users explore and share ideas by pinning images and content to virtual boards. It's the perfect place to collect and organize ideas, share and learn about different topics, and draw people’s attention to your business with striking visual content. You can easily link images to your website, too.

2. Innovative Ads

Pinterest ads can promote your products through appealing pins with direct links to your online store, encourage users to click through, provide their contact info, and transform them into leads, if that were not enough, you can optimize your pins with relevant keywords to enhance visibility, not only on Pinterest but also on search engines like Google…It's all about high engagement, SEO superpower, and precise targeting.

3. Organic Reach Capacity

This platform presents small and medium-sized businesses with a fantastic opportunity to expand their online reach with its visually appealing, search-friendly nature!

  • 442 million active users go to Pinterest for inspiration, making it the perfect place for brands to advertise. Apply rich pins to seamlessly integrate information from your website and you will have a lot of organic traffic!

  • 64% of the active users use this platform for the sole purpose of shopping, making it perfect for selling your products!

  • People can pin and re-pin your content to different users' boards, reaching more people without paying anything.

  • Content stays longer! Pins can show up in users' feeds months after being posted (we are talking about 6 months to a full year!).

Pinterest is an invaluable addition to your marketing strategy!

Now that you know a little more about it and why it’s such a potentially powerful tool for you, here is a useful and straight-to-the-point FREE ebook on how to market your business on this platform. Enjoy your pinning!

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