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We are a collective of creative, tech and business minds working in collaboration as an extension of your business. Creative Collabs believes in freedom and flexibility at work. We are a 100% remote team.

Happiness in the workplace leads to improved productivity, increased retention and an overall better place to work! We are committed to providing happiness in the workplace with benefits such as Flex Fridays and Wellness Perks.




The Empathetic Leader

Responsible / Empathetic / Communicator / Consistency 


Melina’s natural concern for others and organizational skills make her the perfect Creative Lead at Creative Collabs. She looks out for the team, responds quickly to clients and communicates seamlessly. Melina’s background in 3d design and animation also make her our go-to for innovative design work.


Offline you can find her rollerblading, reading and hanging with her hubs.


Multitasking Magician 

Strategic / Maximizer / Visionary / Futuristic


Alexandra is a master of moving parts, think a Zoom presentation, while cooking dinner and breastfeeding a baby - all while appearing cool, calm and collected. Her vision is clear, regardless of the obstacles. That’s what makes her the visionary of Creative Collabs.  


Offline you can find her outdoors with her family, paddle boarding, biking or camping.




The Numbers Guy

Analytical / Logic / Patience / Knowledge

Marketing can be incredibly beautiful, but without quantitative data it’s hard to tell whether it’s actually being seen! That’s where Luciano comes in. Luciano has done analytics for some killer brands like GrubHub, Skims and La Columbe and we’re lucky to have his skills on the Creative Collabs team. 


Offline you can find him cooking big Italian dinners, traveling and out at the coolest new restaurant.



The Initiator

Resilient / Ideation / Grit / Original 


Have a video that needs editing? A new design in mind? Mariana is your girl. She’s full of original ideas. Mariana comes from a background in video game development and has a knack for problem solving in the moment.


Offline you can find her listening to kpop with her kitties,  watching k-dramas and singing with her whole soul. 


The Resident Genius Bar  

Focus / Learner / Arranger / Discipline


When we have a tech question we go to our Genius Bar - Wilmer. If he doesn’t know, give him a day and he’ll figure it out. Wilmer’s focus is web design and SEO. An animated, responsive, modern website is key and he’ll make it happen.


Offline you can find him “apprendre la langue française”, exercising,  learning and developing new abilities.



The Artist in Residency

Positive / Creative / Harmony / Restorative


An artist who went to business school - this anomaly is Sara. Whether it’s custom art for a client’s online store or branding work, Sara turns a brand’s vision into reality. 

Offline you can find her reading, watching kdramas, drawing or dancing to any kpop song.

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